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Cancellation Policy

24 Hour Cancellation Policy. Please contact the spa location that you are scheduled at directly by phone to cancel or reschedule your appointment. We do not offer online cancellation/reschedule options. Full service fee will be charged for any treatment not cancelled at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled time.


Aura spa memberships, optimized by The Covery, are exclusively offered at our Reston location. Experience the benefits and savings of regular treatments and therapies with one of our memberships.

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About IV Therapies

IV therapy rapidly delivers nutrients into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system for optimal absorption; this enhances hydration, immunity, and overall health, with customizable options for individual wellness needs. Book your à la carte IV therapy online. For membership questions and service bookings, please call the spa directly at 571-313-1560.

Explore IVs

À La Carte | $149
Monthly Membership | 1x $119 | 2x $219 | 3x $319
Designed to strengthen your immune system, improve energy, and accelerate healing for overall wellness.
A dynamic blend that reduces fatigue and enhances overall energy, while also supporting heart health for a revitalized you.
Beat the Heat
Designed to replenish vital nutrients, boost energy, and enhance concentration and hydration for peak performance.
Social Survior
Alleviate stress, boost mental clarity, and enhance overall cellular health and metabolic processes.

Enhance IVs

À La Carte | $199
Monthly Membership | 1x $159 | 2x $309 | 3x $569
Myer’s Cocktail
Not sure where to start? This is a great drip to get going! This signature mix enhances metabolism, supports immune and cardiovascular health, and boosts healing and stress reduction.
Bolster cellular defense, reduce inflammation, and enhance recovery, while improving cognitive function and cardiovascular health.
Fountain of Youth
A rejuvenating blend to protect against aging, and promote radiant skin, hair, and nails, while supporting strong bones and joints for youthful vitality.
The Hercules
A potent mix that boosts muscle recovery, enhances blood flow, and supports joint and heart health for peak physical performance

Evolve IVs

À La Carte | $249
Monthly Membership | 1x $199 | 2x $389 | 3x $569
The “Boss” Hyperfocused
A strategic blend designed to enhance cognitive function, support nerve health, and boost energy and recovery for peak mental performance.
This IV can bolster your immune system, enhance energy, and support muscle and bone strength for superior physical and mental performance.
Ultra immunity
Empower your defense with this comprehensive infusion designed to enhance immune response, reduce inflammation, and promote recovery.
All nighter
Packed full of essential nutrients to fuel muscle performance, enhance recovery, and maintain endurance for sustained energy and focus


250mg | $315
500mg | $625
750mg | $940

Unlock the potential of NAD therapy, a groundbreaking treatment that rejuvenates cells, enhances energy, and revitalizes your body from within, empowering you to thrive at your peak performance.


Add Boosts to any IV drip!

Regular | $35
*Premium | $55
Promotes healthy hair, skin, nails, and metabolism.
Fuels immunity, supports gut health, assists recovery.
Essential for protein synthesis and calcium absorption.
Aids collagen production and joint health.
Supports nerve growth and cardiovascular health.
Vitamin B5
Aids collagen production and joint health.
Vitamin B6
Enhances metabolism, mental function, and skin health.
Vitamin B12
Boosts red blood cells and nerve health.
Vitamin B Complex
Supports energy, brain function, and cell health.
Ascorbic Acid*
Boosts immune health and collagen synthesis.
Amino Blend*
Supports muscle growth, recovery, and endurance.
Enhances fat metabolism and boosts energy levels.
Supports immunity and promotes cellular health.
Mineral Blend*
Balances trace minerals for overall metabolic health.
Magnesium Chloride*
Supports nerve function and energy production.
Magnesium Sulfate*
Aids muscle recovery, heart health, and reduces stress.
N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC)*
Enhances liver health and antioxidant defenses.