Eye Lash Extensions

Available at U Street and The Yards

“Natural Every day look” Extensions (about 85 lashes/per eye)

The look of having no clump mascara –Perfect for every day. Ditch the mascara.

Approx 60-75-minutes – $250.00

“DIVA” Extensions (about 105 lashes/per eye)

A bit more intense than the natural look, think evening/cocktail wear for lashes- Perfect for the Diva, and special occasions 

Approx 90-120minutes – $275

“VaVoom” Extensions (about 125 + lashes/per eye)

Deep, intense, and extra lush with the illusion of a light eyeliner at the lash base- Perfect for those who want to the “Kim-K-West look”; a falsies look that you don’t have to apply and remove daily. 

120-180minutes – $300


 $150 for 75 minutes; $25 additional for every 15min over 75min refill time limit

***Pricing may vary depending on the amount of lashes that need to be applied***