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Five things that will surprise you about working for Aura Spa:

It’s time to ask for more out of your work environment. Many massage therapists feel like they’re on their own, relying only on referrals and networking to build their business. It can feel like the only support they get from their working environment is the physical room and table, and everything else falls to them.

Aura spa aims to break those preconceptions wide open and provide a supportive and collaborative environment for their therapists. We took some time to interview some veteran Aura spa Independent Contractors and found five major reasons Aura spa stands out from the rest.

You have a captive audience.

All Aura spa locations are located within the high end, luxury gym environment of VIDA Fitness. This means a few things for Aura spa Independent Contractors. First, you have a captive audience of 15,000 members who are health and wellness minded and prefer a luxurious environment, making them a uniquely qualified audience for Aura spa services. VIDA members are offered different incentives at Aura spa as part of their membership which drives business through the doors and allows you to focus on what you do best.

You have the freedom to be yourself.

Aura spa thrives because of the diversity of our team. The culture at Aura spa supports who you are as a therapist and allows you to meet the needs of your clients with your own approach to treatment. You get the benefit of a casual upscale environment, while also maintaining who you are and what you believe as a professional therapist. This provides a rewarding environment for the therapist and allows clients a wide range of services and approaches to meet their needs.

Let’s talk commission.

Aura spa has one of the highest commission rates in the district. This ultra-competitive compensation is coupled with a professional and team-oriented environment with flexible day, evening and weekend shifts. You also receive a complimentary VIDA membership that allows use at all six VIDA locations in the Washington, DC area.

A strong belief in continuous improvement.

Continuous improvement is built into Aura spas DNA as a company. Not only is it written into the company culture, it is something that is brought to life every day by a relentless pursuit of pushing the boundaries of the services provided to Aura spa clients. This commitment can be seen in physical upgrades to existing Aura spa locations, the addition of new locations, prioritizing professional development and always looking for new and innovative services to provide our clients.

Building business by building relationships.

One thing that stood out in every conversation we had with Aura spa Independent Contractors was their compelling stories of remarkable results they have had with clients and the relationships they were able to build with their clients over time. While most spas will not allow therapists access to client information, Aura spa believes in the importance of building long term and lasting relationships with your clients as an essential part of your success. You will connect with your clients, make a significant difference in their lives through their treatment, and have all the tools necessary to grow that relationship into a long term client.

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